How to Send Images

and Photos 


Prints or digital photographs and logos can be used. Printed photographs are not damaged and will be returned with the order. The image should have good contrast and be in focus. The subject(s) should not be too close to the edges. If the image is for a clock, 1/4" of all four edges will be covered by the wood frame and we need enough room around the subject matter so it won't be covered up by the wood.  Please let us know whether you want the whole picture used or what part you want to zoom in on. Keep in mind the size and shape of the glass before choosing your image, some cropping may occur in order to fit the image to the glass. We would like to have the whole picture and do the cropping ourselves. If you have any questions about the usability of the image, please contact us. You will be notified of any problems with the supplied image before any work is started. If you are sending a hard copy, we are not responsible for damage in shipping. We suggest you sandwich the image in cardboard before mailing - Please do not bend or fold it.  If the photo is irreplaceable, you will probably want to use a tracking number on it, or have it scanned and email it to us. 

Digital images can be e-mailed to or sent on disk. To send, attach the digital image to an email. If possible, send the original image from the camera or scanner, don't do any editing and resave it. Every time a jpeg is saved over, the quality decreases. The higher the quality, the better the final result will be. If you have a specific way you want the image cropped, send us a second image that you have cropped or edited along with the original version. If you are scanning in an image or logo, the minimum setting should be 300 - 500 pixels per inch if the picture is the same size or larger than the glass piece. Some scanner programs call this "print resolution". Do NOT use the save for web or email setting. This makes the image very low in resolution with a lot of compression. If the photograph is smaller than the final product, please use as large a dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch) setting as possible and still be able to send it by email. We can receive large files, but some email providers have a limit on the size of files they allow. Please include the entire image. More background is better than not enough. The image can be saved as a grayscale if it is for etching. The most common format for electronic images is jpeg. If sending a " jpeg", please use minimum compression, maximum quality, or the largest file size. If sending an image from a digital camera, please send the original image from the camera. Images can be sent as bitmaps (.bmp) or .tif files, but will probably be very large.  If you have any questions, please contact us. If we have any questions about the image you send you will be contacted before we use it.

Extra editing on the photograph, such as removing the background, retouching, or combining photos, can be done for an additional fee. Call or email for pricing. If you are planning on removing the background yourself, make the background black for images to be etched on glass and white for images to be etched on wood.

We reserve the right to refuse orders using photographs we decide are inappropriate.

Size of Etchings:
Wall clock - 9" wide x 11" tall
Stained glass wall clock - 7" circle
Mantel clock - 9" wide x 7 1/2" tall
Ornaments - Approximately 3" - 4"

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