Entry Bench

Entry benches, are made from solid wood and can be customized with an etching.  Our entry bench is available in oak, walnut, or an oak-walnut combination. Other woods can be special ordered.


The entry bench can be ordered with or without etching. The benches are made from 3/4" to 1 1/8" thick solid wood. You can choose the stain and wood type you want. You can hang one of our mirrors or  hall trees stained in the same color above the bench.  

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entry bench, deacons benches Combine an entry bench with a mirror for an inviting and comfortable area for your foyer. A design can be put in the center of the back of your bench with a complementary etching on the mirror. This can be one of our designs or customized with your text, image, or logo. We have some designs that can be customized with names. Company logos or other copyrighted designs can be used with the copyright owners permission. 
The mirrors come with oak frames in either a rectangle or an octagon. We have four different mouldings to choose from. They can be etched with a corner or border design. We also have a number of hall mirrors with shelves and/or hooks. We will make custom sizes if possible. Our etching is done on a laser, so we are limited by the size of the machine. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a price quote. hall mirrors, framed mirrors
We also have wall and mantel or smaller wall clocks. The clocks can have a full color photograph, wood or etched glass panels. You can choose one of our designs or a logo, text, or image you send can be put on the clock panel. We can also make custom faces. We can also include a personalization or plaque on your clock to commemorate a special event. Click Here For More Information on our Clocks. mantle and wall clocks

We have a variety of trophies, awards, and gift items that can be custom etched or personalized. You can have a photograph* or design etched on clocks, ornaments, jewelry boxes, or other glassware. The actual photograph can be sent or we accept digital photos or images. See our photo information page for instructions. The photo is not damaged and will be returned.

We have many options and custom items to choose from. Check out the links to the different sections to see what is available. We are a family owned and operated business located in Yankton, South Dakota, USA. We create our own designs, and if you want something special, you can speak directly to the artist who will be working with you to get the design you want. 

An entry bench lasts a lifetime and etched with one of our images, a logo, or a design you provide, makes an heirloom with special meaning.

*We reserve the right to refuse orders using images we decide are inappropriate.

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